More Than the Sum of Its Parts…

A Commitment to Excellent Service

Peter Birtolo

Peter Birtolo
Director, Client Services

Many companies lead with their product features. We lead with our commitment to excellent service. How is service defined? When does service reach a level of excellence?

People measure service differently. All measures invariably come down to benefit. How great is the benefit of this service? It might be saving money; it could be creating revenue; it might be recognition; it could be saving time. There are many ways to measure service. How would your learning organization measure service excellence?

Ucompass is ready to raise that bar! One large organization asked all vendors to respond to help calls within 24 hours. Ucompass resolved those support issues in less than eight on average. We raised that bar.

Ucompass is agile. We are not the biggest; we just want to be the best. We do things that the big boys can’t… or won’t. Yes, we understand technology. We understand it well. We understand service excellence better.

Don’t just believe us. Visit our Educator blog. Visit our Facebook page. See what our users say. Get to know how we serve. Then contact us, and let’s explore how we might earn your praise as well.

Integration with Content and Services

Take a look at almost any bookshelf. Not all books are the same size, the same format, or even the same language. Not all publishers publish the best content in every school subject. When it comes to authoring, some content just works better than others. Making any content from any publisher work with your teachers and students is a challenge. For your team at Ucompass it’s an opportunity.

The Internet is a treasure house. Finding the best services for your school is not a simple task. Making those services work is even more difficult. Other learning management companies have come to us to learn how we do it! Ucompass is one of the few companies able to seamlessly integrate with services like Turn It In.

The Ucompass team has worked with more than 200 learning institutions. We have integrated curriculum assets and online services to work within those customized learning systems. We support our clients; we serve your users. Our goal is to make Educator essentially disappear in the passionate pursuit of your goals.

Perhaps the most critical integration is with your institution’s Student Information System (SIS). This is where the Ucompass technologists excel. Leave it to us to work with your IT department. Some clients have been amazed with our work. Let us amaze you with our magic.

Administrative Panel

Integration and Administration Features:

  • Account Management Controls
  • Custom Database Integration
  • Enrollment Manager
  • Enrollment Pools Feature
  • Knowledge Builder
  • Open Source Libraries
  • Search Devices
  • Searching for Users
  • Security Management
  • Technical Support Management
  • Tech Support Chat

Effective Communication

Communication is at the core of all teaching and learning. Comfort is key to the most effective communication. Whether listening or speaking, reading or writing, watching or showing… communicating with people in the manner that suits them best is the ideal situation. From its very foundation Educator has been built to help all users communicate.

A single point of entry bridges email, text messaging, IM, and phone. The user profile allows teachers, students, and parents to select their preferred modes of contact. Facilitating contact between users increases learning efficiency.

Wireless Educator was introduced in 2001 for the groundbreaking handheld Palm VII. In 2007 Educator functionality appeared on the first iPhone. Recognizing the need to not only reach users how they choose to be reach, Ucompass developers work to make sure they can be reached where they choose to be. On a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone… you can find and run Educator.


Communication Features:

  • Advanced Email Preferences
  • Advance Notification
  • Built-in Email System
  • Course Announcements
  • Email Attachment System
  • Innovative Discussion Concepts
  • Instant Messaging
  • The “Virtual Office”
  • “Who’s Online?” Feature
  • Whiteboard
  • Paging Center
  • The Notification System

Evaluation and Assessment

Assessments, both formative and summative, might well be the backbone of teaching and learning content systems. The assessment tools in Educator are very flexible, designed to be integrated as your pedagogy requires.


Evaluation Features:

  • Evaluation Tracking
  • “Conditionalism” Principle
  • Exporting & Importing Grade Sheets
  • Linking Discussions to Grades
  • Matching Games
  • Online Grade Management
  • Powerful Survey Tool
  • Practice Assessments
  • Tasksheets
  • Robust Exams
  • Build Your Own Forms
  • Forms Engine

Presenting and Delivering Your Content

Placing knowledge into an online course environment is easy and fast as Educator is packed with a multitude of content delivery and publishing tools. Whether knowledge is stored on your computer, a CD, or on your network, a few clicks is all it takes to upload then arrange and organize the knowledge for optimal delivery to your learners. Once knowledge is in place, a wealth of power is at your disposal with features like the Object ID Principle making it possible to link from one point to every other possible point in a course. There is also the Common Folders feature promoting content recycling, sharing and networking within or outside of an institution.


Presentation Features:

  • File Sharing
  • Content Sharing
  • Course Sharing
  • Easy Linking to Content
  • Easy Uploading of Files
  • External Links
  • Glossaries
  • Packet Learning Objects
  • WebDRV Component
  • Works with any Media

Customized Tools and Space

What kind of experience do you want your users to have? How do you want them to feel after they login? What comments will be made about your campus in the coffee shops around town or one of many online forums? Will you make friends or enemies in the social media journals?

You want to create a teaching and learning space that works. What works here might not work there. A lot depends on the look and feel of your system. You can distinguish yourself with a custom design, custom functionality, and a custom teaching and learning system.

Assessments, both formative and summative, might well be the backbone of teaching and learning content systems. The assessment tools in Educator are very flexible, designed to be integrated as your pedagogy requires.

What Teachers Are Saying

  • Love the informative blog! Thanks for being SUPER RESPONSIVE to student and teacher needs and for all of the GREAT info!

  • AWESOME!!! So exciting. It is fabulous that you are listening to those of us “in the trenches” and making accommodations per our request! Thank you, thank you, and thank YOU!

  • THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You have cut my time spent grading by 10 - 15%.

  • The forcing change is AMAZING! You just made my day and possibly my year!!! I am THANKFUL for all that you do for FLVS.