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Empowered with Octane, any publisher has full control over how, when, and where tools and functionality appear. This allows the same base content delivery to be a completely customized experience for different users.

Octane clients can dip into our toolbox and pick from our existing tools. If something more custom is needed, our team will develop a new tool to suit particular needs. We also teach clients how to build their own tools.

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How Octane Works

Octane Technical Diagram

One Product - Four Models

Content Publisher

As a content publisher, you can get more out of your investment by leveraging Octane. Your content can have added tools and functionality embedded into it in a matter of minutes. You can choose from our existing Octane Tools, build your own tools, or contact us to build them for you. You can also create custom experiences with your content, as Octane provides you with full control over to whom your content is delivered, when it's delivered, where it's delivered, and the experience they have.

Tool Developer

If you build software and tools today, Octane can open up a new distribution channel and help you expand your revenue. Building tools for Octane is simple and can be done using the technologies you probably already know like JavaScript and CSS. We offer great support to help you through the process. We also provide a dedicated distribution channel for your application, through our Octane Toolbox.

Data Provider

If you offer a data product or data service, Octane offers you a great way to deliver your offering to new users. By simply creating an Octane Tool and making it available through the Octane Toolbox, you can expand your market and create an entirely new revenue stream. You can access our developer resources to learn how to build your own Octane Tools, or can contact us and we can build one for you.

LMS Provider

If you are the provider of a learning management system (LMS), content management system (CMS) or social media platform, you can leverage Octane to add new tools and functionality to your platform, without altering your base offering or developing complicated plugins. By using Octane, you can quickly and easily deliver additional tools and functionality to your users, when and where you wish.

Use Our Tools or Make Your Own

The Octane Toolbox showcases tools that make your content more engaging, more interactive, more accessible and more valuable. Octane Tools can be created to meet any need and are quick and simple to build. You can build a Tool yourself using technology like JavaScript and CSS, or we can build it for you.

Featured Tool: Lesson Ratings Tool

The Lesson Ratings Tool was custom built by Ucompass for FLVS. It directly integrates a survey feedback mechanism into lesson content. This Tool collects valuable data that is used to refine and improve the course materials.

Learn more about this tool by reading the FLVS case study.